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~ Hey! If you guys like my art, Please feel free to leave me a note for a request or commish! Thanks guys! -Jake~




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Jake or JAW, what ever works c:
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United States
Some people watch, some people pray
But even lights can fade away
Some people hope, some people pay
But why we have to stay

Cause even heroes get the blues
Or any misery you choose
You like to watch, we like to use
And we were born to lose

X-Box Live: JAWkilljoy~ Friend me if you wanna play Saints Row or something~~~
Skype: Jaw-roleplay
Twitter: Killjoy-Keja
Tumblr (also my ask page):

My art is highly influenced off of the anime series Bleach, Deadman Wonderland and several other comic book artist, mostly famous for their work with Marvel and DC.


My idols are My Chemical Romance.
They inspire me in so many ways and their music gives me so many ideas for stories and characters.

I'm a pretty friendly person.
Please, feel free to talk to me when ever you wish.
I love to get feedback! <3

However, please do note in the back of your mind. I can be very forgiving-
But do not back-stab me.
If you have a problem with me, bring it to me.
If you have something you'd like to say, say it to my face.
But please do not go around to your friends on skype or anything and bad-mouth me.
I will be open with you, I expect that you will be open with me :)

Also- if you have a problem with me, Talk to me about it.
Do not bring it up to my friends, do not attack my friends- do not insult my friends because of something you dislike about me.
Bring it to me and we can figure it out together- like mature human-beings.

My dA babs:
:iconneko-kame: My bootiful senpai
:iconaardw00fs: My daughter and my nerd<3
:iconlivykillen: my other daughter and one of my RL best friends ; 7 ;- she's faboolus
:iconsayaketsu: My mom QAQ
:iconskyception: My sister and best friend for all of eternity
:iconboochio: My bby Kohai <3 I love them QAQ
:iconharmonydissonance: don't touch them they're mine
:iconpetplayer976: wowperfection don't even //stalks forever
:iconmintchell: Saints Row kohaii >:I
:iconderpingking: My awesome brother
:iconaltaira7vn: My Robin!~ ; v ;
:iconrexodus: recently found inspiration ;A;
:icondis3ased: My MCR freak
:iconpottertwins186: My other art senpai;v; can I have your art plez
:iconghostasylum: My yaoi friend xD
:iconvelvetbatbites: My bb, don't touch them >:C
:iconkingofenchiladas: My twerk buddy ohyeh

My favorite artists/idols:
:iconpetplayer976: :iconharmonydissonance: :icondis3ased: :iconneko-kame: :iconrexodus: :iconsayaketsu:


My Icon was made by :iconsynchr0nizati0n:
I thought I would update some of this again with more ideas/thoughts


Alex Evans

Gender: male
S.O: heterosexual.
Specialty: Skilled with guns and jumping out of vehicles and buildings above 100ft (Wow much hardcore Alex)
Personality: Alex is a natural born leader. He looks out for all of his team mates and respects all of them in their own ways. Alex believes there is a good side in everyone-- even if they can be a stubborn asshole- he believes that you can find a good side in all of them- which is why Alex is known to give others a second chance. However, if you mess up the second time- Alex will blow your brains out. Being a natural born leader, Alex likes to take in account what everyone has to say and what everyone has to put into the team-- however if you go against the team, he tends to get a little stressed and freaks out. He is mostly viewed as the "Daddy" of the group. All though he does tend to freak out at a lot of them, they all know he is only doing it because he cares about them. Alex is also known to suffer from extreme anxiety, depression and stress-- a major contributing factor as to why he left the Saints for a long while.
Quirks?: Alex tends to play with his favorite gun in stressful or anxious situations. As well, he also tends to go missing a lot during these situations-(Normally driving to his brothers house)
Nicknames?: Boss, Playa, Idiot (by Nikki), Doofus (by Nikki)

Nicole Fine

Gender: Female
S.O: Heterosexual
Specialty: Skilled in hand to hand combat and very good with guns.
Personality: Nicole can be a hard egg to crack. She's very close kept and tends not to bore people with her life story. Nicole suffered from depression after her boyfriend/fiance was murdered in a mission they went on together. Although Alex disallowed it and insisted on her staying away from the battle, Nicole tends to be very hard headed- making her run into the battle and, ultimately, causing the death of the person she held closest. She doesn't really get along with people very well since she's not very open about herself, so for those who do get to see the other side of her, that is something you should hold very dear. 
Quirks?: Nicole tends to play with her hair a lot, no one is every really sure why but she can be seen often twirling it. She also tends to bite her nails. Probably not a quirk, but Nicole can as well see auras.
Nicknames?: Nikki (Nickname given to her by Cody, Picked up by the other Saints after a long while), Bitch (by Jason)

Jack Hanson

Gender: Male
S.O: Bisexual
Specialty: Skilled sniper and exceedingly well in hand to hand combat.
Personality: Jack has a very bold personality. After being the victim of bullying his entire life and keeping his mouth shut, Jack now says everything he wants freely. Jack does not take shit from ANYONE and will gladly knock them on their ass if they intend to insult him or attack him. For such a short stature, Jack is very powerful and forceful. This could be a result from training most of his time in the gang with Johnny Gat and Cody. A minor set back for Jack is that he does not have a very good sense of humor, a direct result from being bullied as a child. He takes things very personally and can get offended very easily. Jack is not very open in relationships, which is why many of them failed in the past. However, he is very loyal to EVERYONE he respects. Respect is easy to gain with Jack.
Quirks?: Jack tends to try and be "Different people" which is why he constantly dyes his hair. Most of them believe this is because Jack hates himself still from all of the bullying he suffered, while some think it's just a fashion disaster. Jack normally will dye his hair natural colors-- but does like to dye it Blue, Red or Purple sometimes.
Nicknames?: Shorty (By Alex and Cody), Pisshead (By Vinny)

Lilly Smith

Gender: Female
S.O: Demi-Heterosexual
Specialty: Skilled in hand to hand combat and very good with shotguns.
Personality: Lilly is very bubbly. She is a very happy, open person and is always around for a good laugh. Nothing too bad has every happened to her so she is relatively up beat. She can be a bit of a hippy which can piss some of her friends off- but she tries to stray away from that around her friends. She has very high standards as to who she will talk to however, and normally only keeps to talking to the Saints. If they are not the Saints or someone she respects, she will not talk to them. She joins the gang around the time Alex leaves, lending a helping hand to them all-- She is very giving and loves to be a use with them.
Quirks?: None that they have ever noticed, however Lilly is normally ignored by them so they probably wouldn't notice.
Nicknames?: a lot of them call her "Lil", but she's not a big fan of it.

James Evans

Gender: Male
S.O: Bisexual
Specialty: skilled in fixing cars and racing in them.
Personality: James is very similar to Lilly in that he is very happy but keeps a very high standard of who he will talk to. As of now, James no longer talks to any of the saints, out of protection to his family. He is very close kept to his family and isn't seen around town much, however he does run an automobile shop right around Purgatory and offers free repairs to any of the Saints-- as a thank you for protection. He is very generous and tends to spend a lot of his money on helping others. However, even though James does act very nice, he is never a push over. If you do something to double cross him or intend to hurt him or his family- James will drop you. He is very serious one topics like his family, so it is a good idea to stray from those conversations.
Quirks?: James doesn't have many quirks, however he doesn't like to sit still often, as he is often seen tapping his feet rapidly or "drumming" on his lap. 
Nicknames?: Jay (by Alex and Abbie)

Abbie Hayes-Evans

Gender: Female
S.O: Heterosexual
Specialty: none
Personality: Not much is known about Abbie as she is not a Saint and tends to stay away from them, as she does not like gangs in the least bit. She respects them all as people and has high respects for Alex, he being James' older brother and her being James' wife. But there is not much known about her to the gang. She has always been very sweet around them and makes very good cookies, but they're not sure if she's being honest or if she's faking her kindness and if the cookies are secretly poisoned. They tend to stay away from her.
Quirks?: None known.
Nicknames?: James calls her "Abbs" as a joke, which she hates.

Hayley Ayers

Gender: Female
S.O: Demi-bisexual
Specialty: She is skilled in hand to hand combat, exceedingly well with swords and knives and is pretty good with fire arms.
Personality: Hayley has a very flirty personality. She is very provocative and sexual when she talks to most guys, however rarely means any of what she says- as she will normally just take their wallets and leave them back at the hotel. She is mainly used in the Saints for her great hand to hand combat and "sneakiness" as the Saints "spy". After the plan with Jack going undercover failed, they got Hayley, who is very good at her job and loves doing what she does. She is very friendly, as you can probably guess but is far from a whore, which is what most people think of her. She is actually pretty shy under circumstances where she's not "doing her job" and tends to keep just to her friends.
Quirks?: She tends to repeat herself a lot to make sure even she understands what she's saying.
Nicknames?: none that they know of.

Andrew Hanson

Gender: Male
S.O: No one really knows
Specialty: He's not major in the gang, is an amazing singer however.
Personality: Drew is very open and very forgiving, which is a downside to being in a gang. He takes people in for their personalities rather than their appearance, sexual preference or such and is over all a very nice guy. He is a good fighter, and does get into fights now and again-- but nothing ever more than a fist fight. On stakes that are higher, i.e. fire arms, knives, swords, bombs-- he sits the fights out and tries to help them on a game plan on how to beat the others.
Quirks?: He is ALWAYS singing.
Nicknames?: Drew (by everyone), twinkle toes (by Jason), Beyonce (by Nikki)

Jason Barnes

Gender: Male
S.O: Homsexual (Most likely, similar to Drew none of them are really sure- however he does show a lot of interest in guys)
Specialty: He is skilled with rifles-- He's good with pistols, not very good in hand to hand combat but can easily overpower most. He's horrible with anything more forceful than a shotgun however.
Personality: Jason is very mysterious. None of them really know much about him and he was abandoned from the saints because of how crazy he was. He never tended to go with the game plan, he normally just ran off into battle, guns blazing. He was a very good fighter, but he didn't follow plans very well which normally led to a lot of trouble in the gang. He bares a striking resemblance to Cody, which was a shock to all of them-- his personality being so drastic from Cody's also shocked them more.
Quirks?: He tends to laugh at himself a lot when he tells a joke, be that him being completely insane or just having to high of an ego.
Nicknames?: Joker (by Alex)

Cody White

Gender: Male
S.O: Heterosexual
Specialty: Skilled in over all combat.
Personality: Cody is extremely friendly. He has a very soft, soothing tone to his voice which brought many to him during stressful times. Cody is happy 99.9% of the time and normally tries to cheer everyone else up in the room. He is very careful around people as to not insult them or hurt them in anyway, and normally wont try to fight anyone unless it's solely self defense. Cody does have a few downsides-- as he does not like to be sneaked up on, mostly because he was in the military- which is where most of his training comes from. He also does tend to have lots of nightmares-- pretty much PTSD. Because of this, Cody is severely bad and alarmed when it comes to gun fights. This is as well why Cody tends to try and keep very calm and quiet.
Quirks?: He can be a bit of an insomniac at times. He also tends to like quiet, calm places to get away from everything around him.
Nicknames?: Drummer-boy (by Jack and his band), 

Vinny Bryne

Gender: Male
S.O: Demisexual 
Specialty: Skilled with close range combat and most guns, Not very good with a sniper rifle.
Personality: Vinny is a bit on the more quiet, mysterious type following Jason. He tends to not talk to most of the others, mainly because not a lot of them can understand him with his strong Irish accent, but he does try to keep up with the others while in fights. He is very trust-worthy and is a good fighter.
He is smart and tends to question most game-plans if they seem to dangerous or idiotic.
Quirks?: He is an insomniac most of the time due to nightmares and tends to drink or smoke a lot during stressful situations (stereotype not intended). He's very quiet. Most think it's because he's plotting something.
Nicknames?: Vin (by most of the Saints), Leprechaun (by Jack)


How do they interact with others?

Alex will normally try to be encouraging with others-- however his born leadership will come out in him a LOT. If you do something stupid or something that pisses him off- Alex is the most open person, He will scream at you until you figure out what you did that was so wrong. However he never means it in a bad way- He tries to teach people right from wrong without physically damaging them.
Nikki normally tries to follow Alex in a similar leadership manner. She is open with everyone she talks to about things but rather than just yelling at them, Nikki will enforce her rules. She can go a little over board, which is why a lot of them find her to be a bit of a menace, but she does it all out of care which is why most of them are fine with her.
Jack is very nice, and tends to stick up for anyone he believes is being wrongly judged or insulted- But make no mistake, if you pick on Jack or upset him, he will knock you on your ass, no questions asked.
Lilly normally tries to encourage everyone similar to Alex. She's implied as the cheerleader of the group- which most of them find annoying. She's often told to shut up, but she doesn't let that get in her way.
James normally is very friendly with anyone he meets, however if you prove that you are lesser of a person to him or if you are in a rival gang that he is aware of, He is a completely different person. He doesn't play around with any of that and he does not take bullshit in the least bit.
Abbie tends to be very tense around gangs and their situations. She doesn't like being around it all and she normally will try to get away from it. This doesn't always work though since James is involved, so she tends to just keep a smile on her face and wait around the car.
Hayley normally is very calm and happy around most people. She can be flirty when she's doing her job, and lets nothing stand in her way of getting her job completed. But otherwise on an average day, She is very cool and collected around the others.
Drew isn't around often, similar to Abbie, so he when he is around them all he tends to keep his mouth shut unless he knows them very well or someone is picking on his little brother- in which case, he will say something.
Jason is a bit insane. He doesn't seem very friendly. If you are shy or anything of that sort- if you run from a fight, you are instantly his target. He takes everything seriously and is ashamed of what the Saints became, which is a contributing factor as to why he doesn't mind leaving the Saints.
Cody is very friendly with everyone. He loves to talk to people about his experiences and loves to help train them all when training is requested. He is a very friendly guy and keeps calm normally. However, because of his PTSD he can "jump the boat" sometimes. He isn't very well around loud situations (hence why he never goes to any of Jack and Drews gigs) and during these situations he normally keeps to himself.
Vinny keeps to himself, but he likes having company. He is a bit shy and has trouble asserting himself in situations, but Alex had high hopes for him becoming a leader because of his strong, level-headed attitude. He tries to make everyone feel welcomed. He can be easily offended, however, so try to keep off of sore subjects. Most of his sore subjects tend to branch off of his own problems, so most tend to not ask him about his problems.


Interesting Facts:

  • Nikki is the only character to reference her family that is not in the story line(excluding her younger brother who is involved for all of but five seconds)
  • Alex is the second boss for Saints Row 2, Nikki is the third boss for Saints Row 3- Lilly was intended to be the fourth boss in Saints Row 4.
  • Alex has the biggest character turn around, going from a psycho killer bent on destruction to a fatherly figure within a few months.
  • Although all of them know the canon characters of the series, the only one to have actual relationships with any of them is Alex.
  • Alex was not originally intended to be the original boss, The boss intended was Cody/James- both sharing the same concept design at the time.
  • Cody was not intended to die originally- he was intended to be drafted into the military.
  • Jack has a strange sexual life/orientation development being in Saints Row 2 he is bi, Saints Row 3 is straight and Saints Row 4 he is gay.
  • Hayley is the only character to never reference a family.
  • Hayley is as well the only character to not know some of the people out of the cast (being Cody, James and Alex had died before she met them.)
  • Jason's first name, Jason, is a reference of Jason Todd- Barnes, his last name, is a reference of Bucky Barnes-- the first 2 sidekicks to be murdered in comic history
  • Drew is the only character to not be in a gang, Abbie being an original member of the West Side Rollers.
  • Jack was intended to die before the ending of Saints Row 3, however this idea was scrapped. his Zombie concept design however still floats around.
  • Alex was intended to wake up in the ending of Saints Row 3 from his coma in Saints Row 2, restarting the series
  • Nikki and Cody were originally intended to be an abusive relationship story- which was then changed to a Bonnie and Clyde type of story before becoming what it is now.
  • Nikki is the only character to have never had a death plotted for her.
  • Lilly changed concept designs several times, and by far had the biggest concept change.
  • However strong Cody may appear, he is very well in touch with his emotions, something Nikki adores most about him.
  • Jason was intended to be a clone of Cody for the SRIV storyline, explaining why they look so similar. 
  • Lilly is the youngest member of the group, the second youngest being Jack.
  • The Evans brothers share the same names as the 2 protagonists from the "Prototype" series.
  • Jack, Drew and Jason share the same band.
  • on that band note, Jack use to be the singer but had too weak of a voice. Jack still loves to sing, none the less.
  • In other stories, Cody is brought back to life by an evil entity and transformed into a werewolf. This story, however, is not canon.
  • Vinny is one of the only Saints to not have a single tattoo on his body in fear of needles.
  • another interesting note on Vinny's dislike for needles, He has expressed his dislike for them several times, however, he has 2 piercings in his left ear. It is believed he had these piercings before developing the fear, hence why he never got more.
  • off the lines of any other story line or shipping, Jack has made references to dating one of his band members.
  • Alex likes to 'fake' smile a lot.
  • Cody was very into music when he was alive, and served as the drummer for Jacks band before his departure and Jason joining to replace him.
  • Cody is the only character to not have an alternate shipping or alternate pairing rather than Nikki.
  • Nikki's second design, which stuck with for the longest of time, was notably very similar to Abbie. Probably because the design was originally intended for Abbie.
  • Contrary to the canon story, as Abbie is an only child, in an alternate story line Collin Hayes (skyception's character) is her younger brother.
  • Nikki has the largest family out of the characters, the eldest in her family being Joseph, then Cassandra, herself, Lilianna and then Trevor.
  • Nikki's youngest brother, Trevor, is commonly referred to as her baby, because she spoils him and talks to him 24/7.
  • Cody has a strong relationship with Nikki's siblings- which is odd because other than Trevor, Nikki is not on the best of terms with any of them.
  • Listening to: Oh bby your soul
  • Reading: your eyes BU
  • Watching: your........... hair? :U
  • Playing: with your emotions AHAHHA No. Jaw you\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  • Eating: Brains- oue

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