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~ Hey! If you guys like my art, Please feel free to leave me a note for a request or commish! Thanks guys! -Jake~




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Jake or JAW, what ever works c:
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Don't let people choose your happiness.
Backstabbers are what help you realize it's not worth it.

I bet you thought I'd give up

And this is what they told me…

These are the lies you gotta believe
They'll give you everything to lose if you disagree
Apologies are over used and I'd be cutting the line way too thin
I'm aware of this bitter behavior
I lost myself somewhere I never wanted to be
Now it's time to start all over - we were held to the light
But we never went blind

You can't back down kid, back down kid
You can't back out now, back out now
We are what you say
We are not what you think

"I get it, give me a little credit
I remember when I was that pathetic
Wear my scars on my sleeve, for all the world to see
Like look what they did to me quick, lay on the sympathy thick
You probably have the right to feel how you do
You were mistreated and cheated out of the childhood you needed
And now you'll never succeed if you're so convinced you're defeated
If you're obsessed with your yesterday then you're destined to repeat it
And I know it's not your fault, it never is, is it, is it, is it?"

Put your middle fingers up and smile pretty at those who hate you.

X-Box Live: JAWkilljoy~ Friend me if you wanna play Saints Row or something~~~
Skype: Jaw-roleplay
Twitter: Killjoy-Keja
Tumblr (also my ask page):

My art is highly influenced off of the anime series Bleach, Deadman Wonderland and several other comic book artist, mostly famous for their work with Marvel and DC.


My name is Jake.
My username is Jaw- off of my initials. I will respond to either-
but tend to ONLY respond to one of the two. So if you're ever in a chat with me or something, it's best off just calling me Jake or Jaw- Otherwise I probably wont notice.
I'm 17.
I've been drawing for a long long time-
I was taught by my grandfather when I was about 4 years old to do traditional art and since I've mainly been self taught, trying out new styles and so on.
My aunt taught me a little digital art when I got a bit older and how to structure a little better- Since her and her husband are kind of big in the industry with that shit.
I love comics, anything involving the Robins of Batman-
and I'm pretty much into anime.
I like to think my style is kind of a nice blend between comic style and anime- but that's just me.

My idols are My Chemical Romance.
They inspire me in so many ways and their music gives me so many ideas for stories and characters.

I'm a pretty friendly person.
Please, feel free to talk to me when ever you wish.
I love to get feedback! <3

I don't like drama- so any kind of disliking or anger towards me, please bring it to me and we can figure it out together- like mature human-beings.

My dA babs:

My favorite artists/idols:
:iconpetplayer976: :iconharmonydissonance: :icondis3ased: :iconnekiwii: :iconrexodus: :iconsayaketsu:



My Icon was made by :iconsynchr0nizati0n:

"I know what it's like staying up all night nursing wounds"

These hands stained red
From the times that I've killed you and then
We can wash down this engagement ring
With poison and kerosene
We'll laugh as we die
And we'll celebrate the end of things
With cheap champagne

Revenge is better with a smile!
Hey guys-
so serious shit, and by serious shit I literally mean this is really serious, and for once I'm not kidding around.
So some of you may or may not of heard what is going down- If you have not you can read about it more on the page here but little were the lot of me and a lot of people that were friends/knew Flick were aware or even prepared for anything as devastating as what happened here--
If you guys can't donate or if you could in any way, shape or form help pass this around and get people seeing it that would be amazing! <3
Thanks guys.
  • Listening to: Oh bby your soul
  • Reading: your eyes BU
  • Watching: your........... hair? :U
  • Playing: with your emotions AHAHHA No. Jaw you\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  • Eating: Brains- oue

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